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[D-List Celebrity’s] Favorite Spring Binges

This spring we caught up with radiant actress, singer, entrepreneur known for her brave fashion choices, and overall D-list sensation, Taylor Bradley, in her rustic Silver Lake home. She talks beauty, career, love, Chick-Fil-A and more with CosmoGirl!

CG: Your InstaStories are always so thrilling to watch! What’s a typical night in for you?

TB: I really am so blessed to have such great friends. A typical night is the girls coming over and bingeing some of our favorites! We’ll stay up all night and sometimes even still be bingeing in the early morning hours. It can get pretty wild.

CG: Exciting! What are some of your binge-worthy favorites?

TB: Oh gosh… where to start! I’ve been really into Entenmann’s lately. Their crumb cake is legendary. That’s usually a starter along with a few dozen donuts, and there always has to be at least two pizzas, a few bags of BBQ chips, and an assortment of hard cheeses for sure. The girls rotate bringing desserts, which is how we keep it exciting. Last weekend, Amal [Hank Hedland’s wife] brought over all Japanese themed treats that she’d picked up on a recent trip there. I just die for mochi.

CG: Right! But have you gotten into Van Leeuwen’s new vegan line of ice cream?

TB: Funny you should bring that up. I’m really thrilled to announce my partnership with them. They reached out because they know that I’m such an advocate for diverse lifestyle choices. There’s a new flavor, Bitchin’ Kitchen Sink, dropping on New Years at midnight. The profits from the first 200 pints will go to my favorite charity, Women with Atypical Pubes (WAP).

CG: Such an important cause. Tell us more.

TB: You know, WAP started out as a passion project. I was really seeking out a community after so many embarrassing blunders of my own [click to see her Top 5 Most Embarrassing Bikini Moments]. It seemed the more I tried to tame it — landing strips, vagacials, laser hair removal — the more unruly it became. I mean, it even started creeping onto my thighs!

CG: Yikes! What are some of your go-to beauty secrets?

TB: My grandmother always told me to smile no matter what. So it kind of felt kismet when Brody [Madison of the popular 90s band A-Plus] passed me on the street one day and told me to smile. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

CG: Interesting! It doesn’t seem like you two are photographed together. At all actually. Ever.

TB: He’s pretty private. That’s why he prefers that I go over to his place after 10pm. He’s just very fiercely protective about our relationship. It’s sweet.

CG: Totally! What are some of your favorite activities to do on date nights?

TB: Well, Brody doesn’t really like labels. He works such long hours — I really admire his work ethic. He gets up so early and needs his rest. I’d hate to interfere with his creative process, and I consider it part of being a supportive girlfriend to give him this space. So I’ll usually head back home alone after a couple of hours and have another binge fest… Sometimes even on the cab ride home! While crying!

CG: LOL. We love a car-ride binge! What’s your on-the-go binge like?

TB: Potatoes are a favorite for sure. So versatile. Especially as breakfast foods! Chick-Fil-A’s waffle fries are a must. Sometimes it can go on all day. Until my stomach hurts so much and I just pass out from the pain! And hopefully by then I’ll get a text from Brody inviting me over. But if not… there’s always Domino’s. Alone. With the blackout shades drawn [shop CosmoGirl’s pick for the darkest blackout shades ever with code GIRLPOWER10].

CG: So fun! Any future projects in the works we can keep our eyes out for?

TB: I can’t really say anything for sure yet, but let’s just say once I increase my workouts with [Biggest Loser celebrity trainer] Vladimir to six times a week twice a day and lose fifteen pounds and get back on my 1100-calorie-a-day raw vegan food plan with intermittent fasting and a few platelet rich blood plasma facials and sessions with the Fat Freeze Formula [with whom TB is a global ambassador] on my problem areas, I might just have a shot at auditioning for Catgirl: The Tween Years.

CG: Meow!



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