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Donald Trump, Jr., referred to by White House staff as “Thing 1” and “Mini-T” tries to arm anti-gun protestors. (Gage Skidmore and Elvert Barnes)

Don Jr. Adds Safety Measures to Gun Rally

They don’t need to buy guns when we give them away

As usual, Don, Jr., doesn’t follow Dad’s plans

“God loves you, Dad loves you, and I do too. The Peace of the Pistol be with you,” Trump Jr. told marchers as he tried, in vain, to arm them.

At one point Trump Jr. climbed on the stage and wrestled the mike from Miley Cyrus, pausing to tell her, “I have naked pictures of you on my iPhone.”

Rally escalates to DefCon 1

“The armed stand-off at the so-called peaceful march for lives proves that the only way to stop gun violence is an armed populace, just like Jefferson and Washington wanted.”



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