First Lady makes bold statement with recent fashion choice

First Lady lets everyone know who she’s with.

WASHINGTON — Melania Trump has made some controversial choices when it comes to her wardrobe in 2017, but on Wednesday night, many were praising the First Lady for her simple, and yet, bold choice at a Gala dinner. “Everyone knows President Trump has his Twitter account, but Melania is using her keen sense of fashion to make her mark on this Presidency,” stated a Washington Insider. “She was passive-aggressively elegant,” said Dakota Jones, who was a server at the event. The approval rating for the First Lady had a sizable increase this morning after photos of her attire went viral. “There is no other First Lady that could pull off an I’m with stupid t-shirt,” snickered Rex Tillerson as he walked past a group of reporters. Sources around the First Lady see parody t-shirts as a real opportunity for her to relate to the base that has supported her husband from day one.