Five Opportunities for Romance, After Too Many Episodes of Dateline and 48 Hours

Serve something hot and delicious to the person you promised to love until the day one of you dies.

Leah Browning
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4 min readMar 28, 2022


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Have you been married for seven, ten, or forty years? Have you started to think of a leisurely trip to the grocery store as a date? Do you have a “good” pair of sweatpants for special occasions with your partner?

And if so, are you interested in injecting a little romance back into your relationship? It’s easier than you might think. Break out of your current rut and show the omnipresent person in your life exactly how much you care.

1. Explore Your Local Hiking Trails

Remote, high-elevation paths are perfect for getting some much-needed privacy. Leave your cell phone in the car so that it’s just the two of you, alone, focusing only on each other.

Travel arm-in-arm where the trails are wide enough. As they narrow, almost too much to keep your balance, let your partner walk behind you, gently steadying you. This is truly a bonding experience with the person you should be able to trust most in the world.

At some point, you will accidentally kick a rock off the edge of the path. Take a deep breath and enjoy the sound of it crashing headlong down the side of the cliff, bouncing against sharp rocks and tree branches, and landing a disconcertingly long time later on the forest floor below.

Before long, you’ll be falling in love all over again; just enjoy the adrenaline rush.

2. Visit the Ocean

If budget isn’t an issue, dress up in your shiniest shoes or highest heels and get ready for a luxurious cruise vacation. From the moment you set sail, you’ll be able to leave your everyday life behind.

Let your cares drift away on the breeze as you have a few pineapple-and-cherry-studded drinks and watch a spectacular sunset from the deck. Better yet, splurge on a room with your own private balcony.

Think of it: a dark night, the starry sky, a couple more fruity drinks in hand, and nothing but you, your partner, and the side of a very big boat. Close your eyes and allow yourself to be lulled by the ocean waves.

Don’t have the time or means for a full-scale ocean excursion? Rent an old wooden boat, head out before dawn, and paddle as far as you can into your local lake or river.

Regardless of whether you’re in a cruise ship or a canoe, you’ll appreciate every single moment you find yourself on board. Lean into this experience with your partner, and before long, you’ll be drowning in romance.

3. Savor a Leisurely Dinner

Want to keep things closer to home? Sharpen your knives, polish up your culinary skills, and serve something hot and delicious to the person you promised to love until the day one of you dies.

Turn the clock back for some old-fashioned romance. If possible, set the table with the decorative heirloom dishes and heavy brass candlesticks you’ve been storing in the back of the cupboard for a special occasion. Pull out your most succulent recipe ideas. Dress up. Lower the needle on the record player.

Preparing the meal yourself is ideal, but if you don’t have the ingredients or the knife skills, you may have to order in. In that case, though, make sure to set those carryout containers aside. Insert a little magic by plating the food yourself and adding a few stylish touches, such as a parsley garnish or a wedge of orange.

End the evening with a delicious hot toddy or other drink to give you that pleasant, woozy feeling. A nightcap is the perfect way to wrap things up, and in this serene environment, the allure of your partner will have you swooning.

4. Watch a Romance or Thriller

Set the mood for love with a romantic (or sexy!) movie. Close and cover all the windows, grab some whipped cream and melted chocolate, find some silk scarves, curl up on the couch, and play along with the on-screen fantasy. Turn up the volume and let your partner bend and touch you in all the right ways.

Don’t be afraid to let things get a little messy. That’s what cleaning products are for, you know!

You can also get the blood pumping with a thriller, one where you’ll be grasping each other for comfort at every turn. Put your arm around your partner’s neck and hang on for dear life.

Whether you’re seeking a night of passion, exhilaration, or both, you’ll be able to find a wide range of cinematic options, whether it’s with an old favorite or a beautiful brand-new offering. Just take your pick.

5. Curl Up Together in Front of a Roaring Fire

A thick, cozy blanket, a bottle of chilled champagne, and a basket of chocolate-dipped strawberries are the perfect accompaniments for a romantic night in.

Want something even more combustible? Turn the heat up further with some sensual music, or the crackle and haze of a blazing fireplace. You won’t be aware of anything but sparks as you find yourself overtaken by desire.

If you don’t have your own fireside backdrop, create some smoldering ambiance with essential oils, candles, piles of pillows, and large rugs. Relax and focus on your breathing. Inhale, exhale.

Induce a trancelike state with a few little touches here and there, and you’ll find yourself rolled up in romance in no time.



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