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Great Courses Purchased During Quarantine In Order Of My Likelihood To Start Them

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash
  1. How to Paint: I want to be artistic and painting sounds so much more impressive than drawing.
  2. How to Draw: Not positive painting will work out.
  3. Game Theory: So tired of lying when people ask if I know the prisoner’s dilemma.
  4. Learning French: Think I underestimated how long it will be before taking a trip to Europe becomes a thing again.
  5. Statistics Made Clear: Starting to believe it’s better not to understand the Covid-19 graphs.
  6. The Lives of Great Christians: Wrongly assumed this would teach me about other cool people with my first name.
  7. Fundamentals of Photography II: Meant to order Fundamentals of Photography I (in touch with customer service).
  8. The Addictive Brain: Way past the point of seeing this ordeal as an opportunity for positive change.
  9. Death, Dying, and the Afterlife: Panic purchase made when I thought I finished my last bag of HARIBO Peaches.
  10. Painting with Watercolors: Really, really, really hope I show some promise in painting or drawing before it gets to this.




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