Happy Birthday To Someone Who Is Very Missed And Funnier Than I Am. Whatever.

My sister Lindy went to an audition in the late 1980s in Los Angeles and after waiting a while, was finally called in to read. She handed the director her résumé.

One of her past stage experiences listed The Swing Sisters, a comedy and song act she and I used to do. The man asked her about it.

Lindy: My sister and I sang and told jokes.

Man: Where was this?

Lindy: In France.

Man: Do you still do it?

Lindy: No, my sister went on alone; Suzy’s a standup comic in New York.

Man: My wife’s a standup comic.

Lindy: (dismissive) That’s nice. My sister is very funny.

Man: My wife’s funny, too.

Lindy: (really dismissive) I’m sure she is but my sister works all the time.

Man: My wife works a lot, too.

Lindy: (starting to pity this man’s poor wife) But Suzy plays all the big New York clubs and has done many TV shows in New York and Washington D.C.

Man: Yeah, my wife tours the country and has done a lot of TV, too.

Lindy: (tilts her head to one side and feels sorry for him) I’m sure she does.

Man: My wife is Joan Rivers.

Lindy didn’t get the job. And I wrote to Joan and got this in response: