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German Chancellor Vörzgert Drumpfkop, 45’s great great uncle, railed against Austrian immigrants, schwartzers and uppity women. (DoD)

Haven Announces New POTUS Policy

President’s name to be given respect it deserves

The Trump family name isn’t Drumpf, but Drumpfkopf. It was shortened to Drumpf when the similar word “dummkopf” gained popularity during the late 19th century.

Drumpfkopf spent most of Germany’s revenues building a wall to withstand “Austrian invaders,” a wall which cost the equivalent of seven billion dollars in today’s money and never broke ground.

45 with Bannon at a NOTC summer retreat (c. 1964). Notice he’s the only one smiling. (German Archives)

“Just like his great great uncle, the idiot child thinks this is all a joke. The other young men train with the seriousness the program deserves. He knows all troubles will be resolved when his father donates another hundred thousand to the Party.”

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