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This is an email from Haven Hearsay, a newsletter by The Haven.

Haven Author Breaks Record!

Also: Haven gets one million views!!!!

Uvebruce should give all of us hope. And he shows us that we should never give up, because Medium success could be right around the corner. His story went more viral than any Haven story has ever gone viral before. Wow! This should be inspiring to us all.

Well, at press time, Uvebruce’s viral story has received almost 15,000 claps.

It’s received almost 120,000 reads. That’s pretty good for a guy who used to get three reads!

Check it out: A Car Park attendant who fooled everybody for over 20-years.

The only people that fail are the ones who quit

I don’t know who said that, but it does make sense. If you look at his results, Uvebruce was kind of plodding along, getting a few hundred claps here and there, but many of his stories — like many of our own, right? — were getting less than a hundred claps.

Here are some words of inspiration from the man himself:

I was about to give up. You can see when I started on the platform, that was the start of my writing career too, and apart from a few in the thousand views, I had little real success. My advice — keep on keeping on. Someone somewhere will read and enjoy. Write for that “one”. Put your heart and soul into it, edit often, the “many” will follow.

But beware of the sophomore slump

Bruce reports that contrary to “popping a boner” having an article gave him “limp dick syndrome.”

The pressure of following that was daunting, until someone said, ‘ignore it and just continue writing.’ Like anything great, once you’ve tasted viral, you start popping “write’agra” — that’s writers viagra, to repeat it. You want more.

Bruce’s follow-up piece is doing well too. “Fortunately Retired ex-parking attendant has overnight raced to 1,000 views — here’s hoping!”

An attitude of gratitude

Bruce is a humble guy and a great example of a good attitude, which might be the most important writing lesson of all. “Thank you Haven and Medium,” he says, “for an awesome platform to give me the opportunity to earn something for a passion of mine.’

Congratulations Uvebruce. I hope you have a good financial advisor helping you decide what to do with all that money. Don’t forget philanthropy (hint: Haven has a Patreon page).

Be inspired, be very inspired

Bruce is not the only Haven writer to hit the jackpot. This year we have had many viral stories, as I spoke about in my newsletter earlier in the summer. I hope that you all know that it can and will happen to you — you just have to keep at it. Don’t give up.

I’m sending all you struggling writers who are jealous and hate Bruce right now a lot of sunshine and good energy. Don’t hate! There is enough to go around. You will get your moment too.

Just keep writing the great stories and spreading your mirth like you do.

Haven Wastes Half A Million Minutes of People’s Time Each Month

That’s a lot of minutes, sorry guys! And we now get ten thousand daily views, which is pretty awesome. But the most exciting statistic of all is that we got almost one million views in the last 90 days. Take a look:

One of the reasons we’re doing so well, of course, is the viral articles like Bruce’s. If you look at this chart, you see six “boners” there, which means at least six of you wonderful Haven writers went viral or semi-viral. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! KEEP THE FAITH.


You don’t want to be that selfish Haven writer who never clicks on or claps for his/her/their fellow writers do ya? Didn’t think so.

Speaking of which, have you clicked on my new cartoon?

More Haven Cartoons, Yay Me!

Well, I hate to be all self-promotional, as I really decided to write the newsletter to brag about Uvebruce, not myself. But as long as I’m bragging, this is the second of my animation series to appear on the Haven. I’m involved in the project of turning my blogs about body parts into an animated feature. It will be called Body Parts/Bawdy Parts.

I hope you get a chance to check it out. And please consider making some cartoons out of your blogs and publishing them here at The Haven:

Conversation with My Favorite Willie

Sending love, from me and from the greatest living poet, Terry Trueman. We are working hard every day to serve you better because that's just the way we roll, right Terry?




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