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He Did What?

In the publishing house

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“Sir, you need to consider this.”

“What now?”

“We have a submission.”

“Yes, yes, we have as many of those as we want.”

“But this one is unique, Sir. It was generated without any ChatBot assistance. The manuscript is fully human-generated. The man has personally written every word.”

“He did what?”

“The author claims to have created the entire manuscript without machine assistance.”

“This is not funny. Is it even possible? And what does he expect us to do with it?”

“He wants us to edit and publish it.”

“Edit? He wants us to go through his drivel, correct all his errors, and then push one of our ChatBot-generated publications out of its rightful place in the queue? Why would we do that?”

“Perhaps we should do it if only just this once.”

“Why on earth would we want to publish such a monstrosity?”

“For the novelty value, if nothing else. It’s a curiosity that may sell.”

“And lead to more of the same? Is YOUR time of so little value that you would embrace this backward approach when you could just enter the parameters of the latest whim of listeners and have the ChatBots turn out any number of appropriate titles?”

“I admit that the process will be inefficient, but perhaps that can be a selling point. And we’ll be uncharacteristically out in front of a trend, even if it is a mere fad.”

“Fad at best, I think. Well, if you are willing to ‘edit’ this thing, have at it. But I’ll have to see the file before publishing. Regardless of our lack of recent success, we still have certain standards.”

“Of course, Sir. Thank you. Disengaging now.”

“As the connection terminated, he thought, “What will those humans think of next? Generating optically readable characters?”

This entire conversation took less than a microsecond.



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