I Made a Bot Write a College Application Essay

My experiments with data science and machine learning programs began a few weeks ago as I learned about and created my own data visualisations. Eventually, I discovered the variety of uses of datasets beyond just data visualisation.

I struck gold when I stumbled upon a website containing an archive of President Trump’s tweets. I used the data to train a bot, and the bot eventually wrote some tweets from the knowledge it had gathered from President Trump’s Twitter feed. I’d say it did a B+ job of writing tweets. The only problem was that I couldn’t tell if the bot was being incomprehensible at times, or whether it was actually something it had learned from President Trump.

So, I was tempted to train the bot in other types of writing. Since all the writing I did over the last few months was for the purpose of college applications, I decided to train the bot in the writing of such essays.

A few hours and a million mistakes later, the bot generated a pretty interesting essay. However, the essay isn’t perfect, largely because I did not have much data to train the bot with—only about 50 essays (not mine). Additionally, the bot has no clue about what is and isn’t appropriate as defined by human constructs. Nonetheless, I am certain that the bot will do a much better job after being trained with more writing. Perhaps I will look for more training material when I have the time to. Or, if for some weird reason you have a database of college application essays lying around, I’d love to use it to teach this bot something useful.

In most cases, applying to a college in the United States requires a basic 650-word essay essay.

What follows is a 640-word rollercoaster of an essay written by the bot based on its study of 50 college application essays. I made minor edits in places where it seemed like the bot had mangled the rules of grammar, but apart from that I credit all the writing (read: hilarity) to the bot. I shouldn’t even be claiming ownership of this article.

“Untitled” by Bot

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If any admissions officers or application readers have read this essay, please let me know if my bot’s experiences make it worthy of attending your college.

Thanks for reading! More bot writings: