“I only have ‘one cup of brain’ this morning

Can you ask me after three?”

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

I dragged my ass in to the living room today and saw Bob sitting in his underwear on his favorite recliner zoning out sipping his coffee, like he does every morning.

“Hey, can you help me with this new phone app? For some reason it’s stuck...”

He said:

“My brain is not awake. I only have one cup of brain this morning!”

haha. That was a funny comment and he didn’t even realize it.

It’s great finding story ideas wherever I go.

He and I both loooove our coffee. Coffee is life to us.


Even though some might say we don’t have that much in common it seems that cats and coffee have kept us together over 24 years!

If we are ever getting near to running out of coffee we MUST stop everything we’re doing…jump up and 


We have gone through many coffee ‘phases’ in our life together. When we lived in Las Vegas we started out with our Mr. Coffee machine. Now we’re at the Keurig stage. We’ve tried cold brew from Trader Joes which we both like too.

More than Starbucks, I prefer the Pilot gas station coffee. OMG!! They have a new ‘bean to brew’ section that’s awesome.

You can actually see the beans being grinded into the cup!

OH HEAVEN we dont NEED 7–11?

For only a buck a refill this stuff ROCKS! I bring my own To-Go cup.

I can get 5 of these coffees for the price of one damn Starbucks, which I excitedly tell the cashier almost every time I go there. She seems amussed when I beam about it.

Bob likes ‘coffee flavored coffee’, as he calls it. JUST BLACK.

I like all sorts of fancy coffees.

I add creme and sugar free flavored syrups. Hazelnut to French Vanilla…and I like to sprinkle my coffee with a dash of cinnamon on top sometimes!


Bob likes his coffee very specific.

Just one ice cube in it to cool down his mouth.

Our friend Phylisha likes to microwave her coffee even after it is done. She likes it beyond boiling. OUCH!

I think all of us Coffee Nuts have our own coffee habits and idiocies — just like life we are all unique humans.

Well, enough of my morning ramblinggggg…

Now… for my third cup of BRAIN.
Its time to get on with my day!



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