I Won an Argument on Facebook and So Can You!

With the political climate the way it is these days, we all have to be putting out little acts of resistance. That’s why I logged into Facebook yesterday and spent three hours arguing with a stranger on Buzzfeed’s page!

The process was simple, really. I went to check an article about cats dressed like Harry Potter characters and before I could click the link, I saw Derek’s comment: “Killary for Prison”. Of course I couldn’t let that stand, so I channeled my inner Hermione. I calmly explained that after several (unnecessary) search committees were employed, Hillary Clinton was still not found culpable for Benghazi. It was well researched and I cited my sources. Derek wrote back. “Libtard bitch”. That comment got three likes. I don’t think he got my point.

At this point, I must admit I was irritated. I glared at Derek’s American flag profile picture as I typed back, “those terms are disrespectful to both women and the mental health community”. A minute later, a response! He called me a snowflake and said that Trump is president now and I have to get over it. I started seeing red.

I couldn’t help myself and clicked on Derek’s profile. He’s from Kansas and went to Washington High School. I wasn’t allowed access to too many posts, but what I did see were Breitbart links. Typical.

Long story short, I spent another two hours googling Derek to find the perfect comeback. “I’m NOT sorry your sister died in 2011”. I know, it sounds insensitive, but you have to be tough in this political climate. He never responded back, which means I won! It’s the little things you can do for justice, right?

If I can impart any words of wisdom to future Facebook freedom fighters it’s this: don’t let the Trump supporters get you down. You’re one google search away from victory!

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