If Hope Is The Thing With Feathers

Phil Witte
The Haven
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Aug 18, 2021
Photo: Alexander Sinn

Penguins are the thing with feathers that can’t fly.

Despair is the thing that resembles a plucked chicken.

Abstract concepts with animal traits are things that are difficult to imagine.

Fog is the thing on little cat feet — wait, that’s a different poet.

Cats are the thing with feathers in their mouths.

No-good varmints are the thing with feathers adhering to tar.

Gypsy Rose Lee was the entertainer with carefully arranged feathers.

Dumbo was the cartoon elephant with a feather that proved to be worthless.

Hope was a comedian known for his “Road” movies with Bing.

Emily Dickinson was the poet who inspired speculative movies based on featherweight evidence.



Phil Witte
The Haven

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