June Is Busting Out All Over The Haven

The Haven — Month 2

Well, The Haven has survived its second month and its first trip abroad. If you noticed that I was posting articles at weird hours, that’s because I took my daughter to Australia as a high school graduation present. You can read about our trip here — How to Survive Two Weeks in Oz with a Periodically Inebriated Teenage Girl.

Anyway, The Haven continues to grow. More visitors. More writers. More views. Please follow The Haven on Twitter and Facebook. And tell your friends.

So without further ado, here are the 5 most recommended articles of The Haven’s second month.

The Mother of All High School Graduation Advice Letters by Page Barnes — OK. I wrote this one. Whatever.

Concluding Sentences of Essays I Graded This Year by Hilal Isler — And this is why we can’t have nice things.

I Drank Too Much Kombucha and This is What Happened by Steven Markow — A cautionary tale. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

If You’re Still Exercising and Trying to Eat Right, Just Give Up Already by Suzy Soro — I included the musical clip, above, in honor of Suzy @HotComesToDie who loves musicals.* Send her a clip of your fave.

And Steven tied himself for fifth place and completed a hat trick — which is even harder to do while tied.

Why the Trump Orb Photo is Problematic by Steven Markow.

The Second Draft of Donald Trump Jr.’s Father’s Day Card by Steven Markow

Thanks to all for your support. Please keep reading, writing and recommending!

Best, Page

*Suzy hates musicals. But I love them, so she is clearly in the wrong.

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