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Laurel & Hardy

Egg Spell

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Laurel: Why are you so worked up on the eggs? You know you can’t balance your weight on two foundations. Toes are off the table to distort your weight.

Hardy: Laurel, you will never leave your antics behind. Why can’t you ring the bell? And wait until I come and fetch you, instead of showing up from my kitty’s window.

Laurel: You should thank me, I don’t let you needlessly test your strength on your ground by walking too hard. You never know; you might one day give up on managing your weight. I guided you to abandon this manner instead of relocating your base to a refugee camp. The comfort you get is irresistibly comfortable. You’ll never get lonely, and you’ll always end up with unwanted friends. The excess of nature will be at your disposal; you will end up making mouse, squirrel and monkeys happy by renting out your belly while sleeping for bungee jumping. And the most crucial point to consider is that your weight can be exclusively managed by mother earth, allowing you to cradled to earthquakes.

Hardy: I’m not in the mood for insanity. I’m on a tight diet rather than gorging on an entire platter of eggs. I have settled to eat one egg in a day. I want to make sure it’s the biggest one on the tray.

Laurel: Oh! Now I get your reason behind staring into those eggs, making them feel embarrassed for not hatching.

Laurel: Quickly pulling back, says, I will help you, buddy. You are not doing it the correct way. The way you are attempting to make a breakthrough will take place by the end of the day. By that time, you will faint of hunger, breaking the floor & sieving into it.

Hardy: Yeah, that’s how I felt when I emphasized a lift; it made it look smaller compared to the other. And so, I ended up in circles doing the same thing infinite times.

Laurel: Let’s prove it with this; it should be easier & faster. Hold the long-distance of an arm above the egg tray by moving the magnifying glass horizontally along each row. The largest in every row, we mark a redpoint.

Hardy: That sounds a splendid idea!!!

Laurel: Now for the concluding destination. Let’s get these six eggs to the Fish Bowl to Nugget.

Hardy: I figure you didn’t hear me carefully; the eggs are for me, not for Nugget.

Laurel: Patience is something that always runs in the opposite direction of you. Now, let’s put one egg at a time with Nugget. The maximum overflow of water will determine which is the biggest.

Hardy: You’re a scholar; without you, everything looked impossible. My diet finally seems a dream is coming true, which I had forgotten in an unused drawer. Fortunately, I decided to bend down to clean it, fighting with my belly. Then a dusty visiting card that reads the name of my dietitian. It made me take the plunge one more time in this black mess.

Later was reported that Hardy’s cat, Whisker, had gone looking for her rescue team. Neighbours called 911 as 100 cats entered the house, saying the cats took the house hostage.

Special Credits/Loans to Eggs, Nugget the Fish, Whisker the Cat & her Team Mates.

Written, Produced & Directed by Diya Saini



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