Less Popular Spotify “Mood” Playlists

Is there really music for every occasion? Because these playlists never caught on.

Photo by Alice Moore on Unsplash

Saturday Afternoon Jail Visitation Jam: No belt, no hat, no problem.

The Gerbil Got Out Again? Search the House with Songs that Bring Down the House!

Raise the Roof While Cleaning the Gutters!

Acoustic Anxiety over What to Make for Dinner.

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round and Please Don’t tell Daddy about “Uncle” Ken’s Visits, Okay Kids?

Bank Heist Shuffle: Put on a Mask and Bust a Move!

Unplugged and Unemployed.

Music for Picking Up Trash along the Highway for your Court-Mandated Community Service.

Rockin’ Root Canal.

Afternoon Coffee House Full of Desperate Freelancers.

Songs to Sing in the Shower when Your Annoying Roommate Whitney Uses All the Hot Water.

Funeral March for Goldfish Burials.

Get Psyched to Tell Todd You Never Want to See His Two-Timing Face Again.

Chill Tunes for Your Landlord Who’s Asking about the Rent Check.

Morning Motivation to Forget How Much You Hate Your Job!

Breakdancing in the Bathroom! With the Plunger! And the mop.

“But Dad Said He’d Be Here for the Party” Jam.