Letter of Introduction: Mom Available

Dear Sir or Madam:

I’m a successful mother of two with an opening to take on projects. In my years raising children I’ve handled topics including: tummy aches, hair crises, Halloween costumes, teacher conflict, homework left at home, gum in the rug, friend problems, slivers, proms, car sickness, messy rooms, leaky diapers, slammed doors, half-done chores, pacifier removal, sports, dating issues, college indecision, lost library books, daycare avoidance, themed birthday parties, fear of heights, reptile care, and much more. Both of my mothering projects have gone on to higher education and one has earned an MD.

As a skilled and experienced mother, I am now seeking other parenting projects. I believe I would be a good fit for your organization because I have the time and resources to fully devote myself to your project. I’m available on a full-time basis starting immediately.

My past flexibility in working with both boys and girls of all ages makes me an excellent candidate for your available projects. In addition to my skills, I have hefty resources available including two empty bedrooms (complete with beds, dressers, and room darkening window shades), an empty full bath, as well an entire attic full of toys and picture, chapter, and YA books, and a garage completely stocked with sports equipment, ranging from horse riding helmets to fencing epees to hockey goalie pads to a pogo stick. Additionally, I have a swingset and open backyard as well as space in the driveway for another car. My fridge has dedicated space for juice boxes and bottled frappuccinos and I have a plethora of sippy cups and water bottles, and space in the freezer for popsicles.

In addition to my years of experience and extensive resources, I have remained up to date in the field and am fully armed with knowledge concerning recent guidelines about screen time, crib requirements, sexting, neutral pronouns, changes in the SAT, and advancements in peanut allergies.

Below please view my previous projects’ degrees, accolades and perfectly appropriate social media accounts. For references, please contact MyTherapist@SheSurvivedTwoKids.com and MyHusband@AwesomeParents.com. You can learn more about me at my website www.WhyArentIAGrandmaYet.com, as well as my Twitter account @EmptyNest.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope we can work together soon.