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Look, The Husbands Are Bonding

Is that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

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4 min readMar 1, 2022


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Did you see that? The husbands just spoke to each other. OH. MY. GOD. That is the most adorable thing in the whole wide world!!!

Now we know our husbands will be best friends forever. They already look so cute together, squatting close on the loveseat where we posed them, squirming in the button-down shirts we made them wear.

I was worried because they’d been sitting there without saying a word as we chatted nonstop for an hour. But then I saw it. My husband just offered your husband a beer. Totally precious!

So, I stop everything and shout, “So sweet, the husbands are bonding!” Then my friend and I go, “Awwwwww!!!” You’ll never guess what happened next. Both husbands blushed! Like two little blushing kittens!!!

My friend says they’re blushing because they’re nervous about meeting someone who’ll become their lifelong buddy. As if to agree with her, they blush again!

It’s the first time we made them meet, so we weren’t sure if they were going to adore each other the way they obviously do. Now that we’ve seen them awkwardly mumbling to each other, we’ll assume they’re on-board with our plan to have our two families do absolutely everything together from now on.

We’ll go on vacations, and become godparents to each other’s children. The husbands will send each other little gifts on their birthdays, like men do. Eventually, we’ll all retire in a connected duplex. Our children will marry each other. We’ll rock on adjacent porches when we’re old, with our mutual grandchildren playing at our feet. One day, we’ll be buried in side-by-side family plots. It’s all set!

But right now, we should decide what the husbands are going to do together next, just the two of them. We agree it should be something special that will cement its place in the history of the relationship we’ve planned for them. It’s best to discuss these plans together in public, when husbands are most comfortable raising objections.

“Hey, why don’t you two meet for coffee next week?” I suggest. “Or go out for wings and beer one night?”



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