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Louisiana’s Rep. Clay Higgins’ Top 10 Self -Made Auschwitz Movies.

GOP self-produced films at atrocity-based locations, sweeping film festival awards.

“Rosebud…” says Clay Higgins in dramatic Auschwitz re-enactment of “Citizen Kane”

With the awards season for excellence in film fast approaching, I think there’s no better time to list Rep. Clay Higgins’ Top 10 Best Self Made Auschwitz Films.

Clay Higgins (R, Louisiana), made news when his first selfie video, recorded at the Auschwitz concentration camp*, made an impact on many film critics who were survivors of Nazi atrocities. Said noted film critic, Corey O. Graff; “Higgins’ cinematic use of light and darkness, coupled with his campaign info shown at the end, accurately displays the banality of evil, and its lingering effect on modern society. Truly a film to remember”.

[Ed. Note: Being a well versed student of cinema, whose own family tree has burned, cauterized branches, that died IN Auschwitz, of course I found Rep. Clay Higgins’ work to be… fascinatingly enthralling, thinking to myself: “WHY is this man… wasting his immense talent in politics, when obviously his true calling is film?”].

Since Higgins’ first groundbreaking Aushwitz film, he has gone on to release many more self-made films, as sequels, all entirely filmed in Auschwitz, the best of which are listed below.

10. “Rep. Clay Higgins’ Auschwitz Twerking Video” was a film of Higgins “twerking” in the infamous death camp, set to the song “Baby Got Back”, with Higgins lip-syncing the words “I Like… Big Butts! And I can not lie…” and then “twerking”, which is, of course, considered an ironic statement, in sexual undertones, to provide a contrast to what went on during Auschwitz’ operations during World War 2, where many were starved to death.

9. “Clay Higgens Presents: Dog Vines In Auschwitz” A series of fun, six- second video clips, starring dogs who were all filmed in Auschwitz, and dressed up as Hitler, wearing adorable small versions of Hitler’s uniform. Noted film critic Hector Macho Camacho, (NOT the boxer from the 80’s, but, a DIFFERENT Hector Macho Camacho, who’s never boxed, and only critiques film), said: “I laughed until I cried and I’ve been crying ever since. I’m so upset I even thought about taking up boxing, but then worried I’d be mistaken for the other Hector Macho Camacho, the one who was famous for boxing. I don’t know how to resolve this”.

Higgins, Carefully Prepares Dog For Filming, Measures Size For Proper Fit Of Hitler Uniform.

8. “The Clay Higgins Auschwitz Ice Bucket Challenge”. In this video Higgins displays a Hitchcockian directorial style, fused with his take of modern social phenomenons, shot from within the part of Auschwitz where Nazi scientists performed inhuman, and abhorrent, medical experiments on prisoners.

7. “Clay Higgens Presents: Annie At Auschwitz -THE MUSICAL!” Higgens portrays Annie, an orphan with curly red hair, who witnessed her own parents being murdered in the Nazi death camp. His rendetion of “It’s the Hard Knock Life” moved many to tears, and showcased Higgens’ surprisingly dulcet tones.

Higgens Emotionally Sings “Tomorrow” As Titular Character, “Annie”. (Filmed Entirely In Auschwitz)

6. “Clay Higgins’ Auschwitz Cinnamon Challenge” Was a video where Higgins attempts to eat a tablespoon of cinnamon, in one of Auschwitz’s gas chambers, to hilarious results. His choking on cinnamon, is reflective of those who perished by being exposed to poison gas, en masse.

5. "Clay Higgens’ First Blood In Auschwitz”. A deeply moving reboot of Sylvester Stallone’s “First Blood”, where Higgens plays the role of John Rambo, a U.S. soldier kept prisoner in Auschwitz.

Higgins Portrays John Rambo In Auschwitz Based “First Blood” Reboot

4. “Clay Higgins Presents: Grease, in Auschwitz!”. This often overlooked Higgins release, is a reimagining of the popular play, and later film, “Grease”, where the original setting, Rydell High, is replaced with Auschwitz. Look for the highlight, where Higgins as Danny Zuko sings “Greased Lightening” with his revamped lyrics: “Go Jew Lightening”, in an area of Auschwitz, where many Jewish people were executed via the use of electricity based torture. Also, Higgins’ split screen portrayal of Sandy Olsson was called “surprisingly convincing” and “shockingly apt”.

Higgins: Portaying Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson, Two Students From Rydell High, Imprisoned at Auschwitz

3. “Clay Higgens Cooks Mediterranean Cuisine At Auschwitz”. The very first cooking show ever filmed at Auschwitz, Higgens displays his formidable culinary talents, by showing viewers the recipes, and how to cook his favorite Mediterranean dishes, reminiscent of when Julia Child did an on-location cooking show centered on creating German pastries, at Amsterdam’s historic Anne Frank house.

2. “The Avengers At Auschwitz, Starring: Clay Higgins!” Higgins, starred and directed this complete remake of Marvel’s blockbuster hit film “The Avengers”, but set in Auschwitz, with Higgins portraying all major and minor characters himself. Marvel has recently filed a series of lawsuits attempting to block further viewings of this film, releasing this statement. “Marvel doesn’t feel there will be a negative impact on us, financially, from Higgins’ work. We here at Marvel just feel Higgins, like many other GOP leaders, is a complete, and utter, total dick. Also, many of the villains in the Marvel Universe, are modeled after current GOP representatives, so Higgins’ adaptation clouds the intent, and mythos, of the original film”.

Higgins Elegantly Dons Different Costumes To Portay All Characters In His Remake Of Marvel’s “Avengers”
  • FUN FACT: Stay after the credits, for the fun hidden scene, where Higgins portrays all the Avengers, via split screen, eating ethnic food together, while simultaneously and hilariously disparaging minorities, and poor people.
  1. “Louisiana’s Rep. Clay Higgins Proudly Presents: Auschwitz” Like so many cinematic masterpieces, the original is still the best. Higgins’ use of the famed Nazi camp, to speak about his own interests, ending in the shocking twist of displaying his campaign info at the end, was a game-changer in GOP location filming, and has yet to be topped, despite the popularity of copycat GOP films at locations of atrocities such as:
  • “Mitch McConnell - Talks Healthcare Cuts, and Tax Breaks For The Rich, At The Site Of The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments”. McConnell’s entry into the world of GOP self-made atrocity-linked films, has garnered much critical praise, both by people in medically critical conditions, as well as regular film critics. The irony of McConnell selling the GOP cuts to Medicaid and Medicare, at the sight of one of the most morally reprehensible acts in the entire history of science and medicine, is what really sells the film. Entertainment Weekly’s long-time film critic, Heywood U. Cuddleme said : McConnell’s film is an ironic based tour de force, reminiscent of the very best writings of O’Henry. It’s also chillingly dark, and vile. A MUST SEE FILM!!!”


  • “Paul Ryan Speaks- Live From The Museum Commemorating The Jolo Massacre!” Ryan shocked fans of cinema, with his gritty portayal of Paul Ryan, where Ryan expounds on his world views, at the Jolo Massacre Museum and Reflection Center. Halfway through the film, Ryan can be seen thirstily drinking human blood, (allegedly harvested from Philippine infants), and later, is shown hunting impoverished Philipine children for sport, using a high powered rifle, an ending that Variety described as: “Powerful and sobering”.

So, which GOP self produced film at an atrocity based location is YOUR favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

(*Concentration camps, according to Sean Spicer, are also known as “Concentration Centers”, whenever Sean Spicer publicly extols the virtues of Hitler. Spicer, once famously said: “Even Hitler didn’t gas his own people… unless they were Jewish, ethnic, gypsy, gay, black or homosexual people. He gassed the F**K out of those guys… but, you know,… never his own, other, people. Hitler was also a world-class level figure skater! He really was. He was very graceful, like a mustachioed Peggy Fleming!”)

Written By Steven W. Rouach

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