Lovesick with a Laptop

Sleep-drunk and searchin’

Jim Dutton
The Haven
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2 min readJul 5, 2023


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I don’t know why you left me, dear
so I typed the prompt that brought me here
to this dark place on the internets
to find out why you like him best.

Well, I seen him on the Instagram
so I know he’s purdier than I am
he’s got more Facebook friends than us
and better links on the old Pornhubs.

I’m sittin’ here at 3 AM
peckin’ keys and stalkin’ him
with last night’s beer and tomorrow’s bourbon
lonesome, sleep-drunk, and searchin’.

I can’t find your love notes to him
I know they’re here so I’ll keep lookin’
maybe hidden deep in WhatsApp
buried ‘neath some crypto bullcrap.

He ain’t never broke the law
and I see he has a ma and pa
prob’ly them he has to thank
for that big ol’ balance at his bank.

He don’t own a truck, I betcha
drives ‘round in that wimpy Tesla
runs on rice when the wind ain’t blowin’
if it rains, you’ll have to…



Jim Dutton
The Haven

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