Man Posts Funny Status, Receives ZERO Likes

BROOKLYN, NY — Yesterday, a man posted a status of a comical nature on social media only to later discover that he did not receive a single like for it. Distraught, the man took to the streets of Williamsburg, where he ran around for three minutes grabbing strangers and yelling, “Am I real?” before falling to the ground and sobbing uncontrollably.

The man, who understandably requested to remain anonymous due to the extremely humiliating nature of his predicament, reflected on his existential crisis in an interview today. “I used to think I was pretty funny,” the man stated. Failing to hold back tears, he commented further, “But now, it’s like, I wonder if I am even a person with intrinsic value, ya know?”

When asked how he planned to cope and recover from this traumatic incident, he responded, “I’ve already deleted the post. I’m pretending it never happened. Maybe if I post something funnier and get at least 15 likes, this could be a distant memory.”

While the man received no likes yesterday, an abundance of thoughts and prayers from the community are being sent his way today.