My Sexual Harassment travel journal

Day One:

4:30am- wake up, go to bathroom. look in mirror, make disparaging remark to self about eyebrows.

5:00am- walk to bus stop

5:04am- a man sitting at bus stop with his shoes off holding a suitcase (so you assume he is also going to the airport) says “you look very pretty this morning”.

5:05am- take seven to ten large steps to the left and wait for bus there.

5:24am- man with suitcase gets off after three stops. why the suitcase?

7:30am- airport security line; perfect stranger remarks, “no toenail polish huh?”

10:00pm- your host (father-in-law of your bff) gifts you a t-shirt with his company’s logo and says, “It’s all yours; only rule is you can only wear it while wearing nothing else. it’ll give me a good visual”.

Day Two:

9:00am- during morning coffee while host is regaling you with his hundredth story of the morning, he makes highly disparaging comment about an overweight woman on an airplane. you wonder what roxanne gay would say or do but ultimately mutter something about how overweight people often choose to buy two seats and people end up complaining no matter what they do blah, blah… tears.

6:00pm- hotel bar: you walk back from a phone call home to find a man has taken your seat next to your bff, who has gotten you both a hotel room and massages for bonding time, this man is playing country music on his cell phone (though the bar has music) and saying “it’s so nice to be sitting and talking with two beautiful women”. you say “ We haven’t seen each other in a long time and we are here to catch up, we’d like to be alone”. he mutters something while walking away.

9:00pm- hotel jacuzzi; bar guy is drunk and comes in jacuzzi while you, bff and other women sit in there chatting. He talks over all of you in wild ramblings. Then later he goes and grabs your robe thinking it’s his. You stop him and replace robe on chair. Several minutes later he takes your bff’s robe and throws it over fence ostensibly cause he thought is was yours and he wanted revenge.

9:30pm- still at pool/jacuzzi area; front desk and security are trying to get to the bottom of things and retrieve robe. the robe holds our only room key and cell phone. Drunk guy is walking around erratically.

9:40pm- robe is retrieved, security is dealing with drunk guy. you and bff go back to your room and watch Beverley hills Chihuahua in Spanish. you fall asleep to nightmare images of drunk guy finding your room and murdering you.

Day Three:

6:00pm- back at bff’s in-laws. during dinner your host says “you know you’re welcome here anytime. but not your boyfriend hahaha”.

8:00pm- you mention going for a night swim with bff and her hubby; host comments, “sure go right ahead, go skinny dipping. i won’t peek. promise.”

Day Four:

7:30am- wake up.

8:00am- leave for airport.

10:00am- board plane, make disparaging remarks (to self) about people traveling with kids.