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Not Quite 12-Days of Christmas

Lost count after five.

A relatively close image of red wine being poured from a wine bottle into a wine glass being held by a hand.
Red Red Wine (Image courtesy of jeff-siepman-Unsplash modified by author at WitzFineArt)

On the first day of Christmas, my sweetheart gave to me, one glass of… real-ly… fine… wine.

On the second day of Christmas, my honey gave to me, two tumblers of bourbon, and a glass of real-ly… fine… wine.

On the third day of Christ-ta-mis, my cutie-pie gave me, three mugs of beer, two glasses of b-ba-bourbon, and some…




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Patrick Witz

Patrick Witz

Short story award winner who loves to bring words to life in readers’ minds: strum emotions; sculpt characters; create captivating dialogue & colorful settings.

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