Ominous Black Cloud Floating At End Of Hallway Just Waiting In Line For Bathroom

Tyler Holme
Jun 18 · 2 min read

Partygoers attending Chicago native Jace Andre’s 26th Birthday Soiree were able to breathe a sigh of relief late Saturday night when it was discovered that the ominous black cloud floating at the end of the hallway was just waiting in line to use the bathroom. “Everyone was afraid that the cloud was some sort of maleficient deity conjured up to steal the souls of the innocent. It was really killing our vibe. So I just walked up to it and was like, ‘what’s your deal man?’” said Jace, stating that the paranormal mass of ungodliness got very defensive once confronted and blamed him for not properly labeling the dip as having milk in it which ultimately resulted in the sinister spirit’s upset ghost tummy. Those waiting in line say the demonic manifestation was a “total douche” about the whole situation.

“At first I thought this malevolent being was going to put some kind of hex on my entire party and curse our firstborn children, but then it just went on about how tacky it was for me not to take the dietary restrictions of my guests into account when choosing the food for my party,” Jace added. “So I was like, ‘bitch who even invited you?’”

Reports state that before the dark mass of evil incarnate was sent back to the hell from which it came, it purposefully plugged up the toilet with paper towels which really just made it look more petty than anything.

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