Only One Thing Sounds Like That

My wife and I are driving. It’s daytime, the weekend. And we have no children. They’re with my aunt. So I’m kinda giddy to be alone with my wife. As adults, as friends, alone.

She’s driving. We’re going into the city to pick up a cake. Sweet Mandy B’s. Arguably, it’s the best cake you can get within the tristate area that’s not homemade. No, seriously. They make the BEST desserts. The cupcakes are incredible. Moist, frosting up to your eyebrows. The lemon bars need a little help, though. Not a fan of the lemon bars. My friend Katie makes a KILLER lemon bar. But maybe that’s the whole homemade vs store conundrum right there.

I digress.

I would probably be driving save for the fact Pam feels slightly guilty we have to schlep all the way into the city to get the cake. Again, it’s the best. But it’s for a four year old who’s only interested in the frosting anyway. It’s a little overkill. Surely we could have found something cheaper and closer.

Anyway, we’re driving. As we hit the highway we roll the windows up. It’s just the hum of traffic and air rushing past. But there’s a rustling in the back of our SUV in the trunk, or cargo area.

“What’s that sound,” asks Pam.

I pinpoint the noise. I know EXACTLY what it is.

“Oh, I know what it is.”

“What is it?”

“There’s only one sound like it in the world.”

The other day I made a run to the store for our son’s birthday party. I got plates, cups, flatware, juice boxes, water, treats, candles, party favors, etc. Things that did not need to be refrigerated or put in individual party favor bags, I left in the car. Why carry something twice, right?

“Ok,” says Pam. “What is it?”

“Seriously, there’s nothing else in the world that makes that sound. I swear. So you should guess.”

“I have another idea. No. What’s that sound?”

I know better than to continue a game that’s over.

“Twenty four shrink wrapped bottles of water.”

“Oh, yeah,” says Pam. “You’re right. I should have guessed.”

‘jiggle jiggle scritch, jiggle jiggle scritch…’

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