Ousted FBI Director Memo A Distraction.

Deadly silent treatment

Michael Sullivan(R) is seen here imploring Americans to do the right thing and give the President a pass [ Image Source: wgbh.org]

Boston MA — A former US Attorney is urging the public not to take allegations pertaining the Trump-Comey meeting seriously. He opines that it might have been entirely possible that the President was simply complimenting Michael Flynn’s attributes — completely randomly, and not doing so in an effort to impede the FBI’s investigation into the latter.

He goes on to suggest from his capacity as a completely neutral party with no nefarious political intentions at all, that Trump was simply on an ego trip. He prided himself in his pick for National Security Adviser which is totally legal and was patting himself on the back. Trump has been known to compliment allied persons associated with him up to and including “unconventionally” doting over a woman he’s sired himself. He doesn’t put it past the Donald to have described Secretary Tillerson as being quite tall, charming and not bald at all in that same meeting.

Thus said, unlike precedence, whereby FBI agent memos are to be considered more than just a rebellious teenage girl’s bedazzled diary entries, this particular one from James Comey should be nullified as such — the musings of a giddy/petulant child ( who thinks her whole family has it in for her).

In stark contrast, the GOP controlled Congress thoroughly rejects this premise. They seem to be unanimously inclined to think that the President has failed the country. In so stating, they foresee not talking to Trump for the next 2 weeks and temporarily not engaging in any of his malicious agenda. Dismantling of the ACA, immigrant families and environmental agencies will have to be pigeonholed for at least another month. This is designed to severely teach Mr Trump a lesson he’s not going to forget any time soon.


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