Pique for Cats

Prepare for vexation

Sarah Totton
Dec 16, 2020 · 3 min read
Photo by Skitterphoto at Pexels




Have you been feeling relaxed lately?

Photo by Kayla Hu

Maybe a little too relaxed?

Photo by Sarah Totton

Well, knock it off.

Photo by Chuttersnap at Unsplash

I didn’t mean literally.

Listen, you’re a cat.

If your owner wanted a relaxed pet, they’d have gotten a Basset Hound.

Or a worm.

Or one of these

Photo by Hello I’m Nik at Unsplash

We can help.

We can turn you into a shot glass of pure fury.

Photo by Kote Puerto at Unsplash

Yes, even you.

If you’re one conniption short of the zoomie?

We can connipt you.

If you’re not cheesed?

We can cheese you.

Whether we’re talking small cheese.

Photo by Sarah Totton

Medium cheese:

Photo by Wojciech Kumpicki at Pexels

Or Mega-Cheese:

Photo by Marina Khrapova at Unsplash

“What do I have to do?” you ask.

It’s simple.

Choose from one of our three packages:

1) A Fit of Pique (aka “The Classic”)

2) Midi-Pique (for the fashionable cat)

3) Peak Pique (the Whac-A-Mole of Piques)

How does it work?

We have multiple strategies.

We may taunt you with a cheeky bird:

We may deploy “The Finger.”

Photo by Sarah Totton

Or, right in front of you, we will cuddle another cat.

A cat who thinks he’s better than you:

Photo by Jonathan Cooper at Unsplash

How cheesed do you feel now?

Photo by Alana Harris at Unsplash

Now that is a lot of cheese.

Very soon, your owner will be appreciating your verve.

Photo by @theyshane at Unsplash

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