POTUS Doesn’t Want to Be Called “POTUS”

He feels the term is “too official and mundane”

Close aides of the President of the United States have revealed that President Trump doesn’t “appreciate being called POTUS”. Sources revealed that he feels the term is “too official and mundane,” and doesn’t reflect his personal qualities as commander-in-chief.

Instead, President Trump allegedly wants to be called ‘DJ Trump’. He seems to believe that while it is “also semantically correct”, it reflects more of his “easygoing, fun, and casual nature”, which, to him, is an important aspect of his presidency.

While dictating a press release to his writers, he is said to have told them to “instruct all news agencies to now refer to (him) as DJ Trump. I like to make ’em dance. You can put that in there.”

With that added context, we can see why President Trump would rather be called DJ Trump — his antics make one half of the world topsy-turvy, and leave the other half prancing around.

Top journalists at the The Washingpun Roast are also contemplating whether this may be a sign of President Trump’s entry into the music industry.

Updates to follow as details develop.

I need to stop targeting the POTUS now. It’s getting out of hand. 
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