President Trump Revealed as Fifth Impractical Joker

“Helsinki was just a joke. Haha.”

Monday morning proved to be quite eventful as President Donald Trump revealed that his summit in Helsinki was “just a joke,” adding that he hoped “you had a great laugh.”

He also said that he “intended to examine the negative press covfefe (sic) in the aftermath.”

In the press conference held at the White House, President Trump told reporters that he was coerced into making his statements by his friends for a segment in the American show Impractical Jokers.

“There was no collusion with Russia.”

Impractical Jokers is an American reality series that originally featured four friends pulling off pranks in public with hidden cameras capturing the moment. The stars of the show are instructed what to do by fellow stars through an earpiece.

What challenges on the show typically look like.

The show was renewed for an eighth season earlier this year, and the chaos in Helsinki is set to feature in the 26th episode of the new season. The season is expected to air through 2019.

As per a statement released by the producers of the show, “cast members are pleased to introduce their fifth Joker, who wasn’t part of the show due to professional reasons in the past.”

President Trump did not, however, specify whether Russian counterpart President Putin was aware of the prank.

Concluding his remarks, President Trump said that “there was no collusion with Russia. My friends Q and Joe told me to say everything. You can put that in there.”

Colleagues of the President are yet to respond to this fresh information.

Although it seems like things can’t get any worse, we can only hope that future pranks will not muddle the political scenario in the United States.

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