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Pretty Woman Part2

image courtesy of Catherine Chen

Some Movies, Touch us.

Some Movies, Rumor us.

Some Movies, Humor us.

Some Movies, make us cry in wasting our precious time.

Some Movies, boost our libido.

Some Movies, snatch our libido.

“Pretty Woman” heightened the libido. Impounded the libido. Leading to divorce, extra-marital & fishing.

At the demand of the audience, we bring you “Pretty Woman” Part -2.

The end when Richard forgets his upper case sickness. Love is achieved blindly. Dives for Julia taking a flight of steps upwards, with a flower bouquet in his oral cavity.

Snatching off his heroism, she leapt halfway sealed it with a smooch. And who knew it would be their last kiss. This iron staircase had just been cemented. What Julia had missed out on. On the heels of the moment. Struck one in the other, when Julia raised her knee in emotions. She struck his cock, piercing through. Taking the entire structure of the stairs they went down and in the next wink they went up in another. An escalator has outperformed its output.

They realized in shock standing in a waiting line on mountains of clouds. The love-struck asked, “What is this?” Nobody seemed interested in replying. All of a sudden, Richard saw somebody in the line. Telling Julia freeze doesn’t melt in giving out this spot.

He hurried to a blind direction, where Julia could no longer see him. Richard discovered a gentleman and said, “Aren’t you Robert Williams, a worker on the Ford line?” He said blankly yes. Richard’s excitement did not break up. You’re the first person in history to be assassinated by a robot. Robert filled up, technically false, I was hit by a robot arm. I sense that the Robot had become confused by having another name that sounded like him. In Addition to that Robot was hard of listening. Last I recall someone from my back said, “Robot, Robot, Robot put that on the wheel.” So rather than putting the screws on, he put me on the wheel. And I ended up here.

Then giving a glance to Richard up & down. What the fuck is happening. What makes you bouncy in my painful tragedy? Richard said, “Don’t misunderstand.” You lost your life in 1979. How come you are still in the waiting line. Robert,” Hmm… You’ll find out. For starters, check your pockets. What you have in return to devote me?” Richard, “Holding his pockets I have a half eaten eraser, half eaten pencil & oh yeah half eaten frisbee.” Robert, “Astonished what were you doing before setting down here. Attempting to solve a Pythagoras’ theory.”

Richard said it was out of the question to measure heights. Heights is all I care about. Hills and Mountains are nowhere near my range. While attempting that theory on paper, I was shaking too. My dietitian was mindful of my dietary habits. She sounded out when you feel a craving eat on these. All deadly desires will be wiped away.

Robert snatches the stuff from his hand, this will suffice. I came here in 1979, but the kind of bunk I was given in Heaven was inferior. The one with the least comfort. Angel switched my position. In the waiting list, stating that you may be a ghost and be on land. Our couriers will inform you whenever your required seat is available. Richard, you won’t believe their messenger service is headed by “Dragons.” I can understand why, except for him, no other animal could fill his shoes. Richard interrupted by taking a keen interest: Why? The dragon they recruited has six warheads. Simply pinch the ass takes 6 ghosts in a stall. He scores a 6 on every run.

Julia is awakened to loud music. In the meantime, she had made friends with benefits. With the next guy in cable. In hope of receiving a shoulder pillow. For this too, she was needed to plunder her pockets. Multi-colored, flavored, condoms poured out. The man quickly verifying his entourage caught them all. Was ready to donate any body function to her voluntarily. But she sank the deal on one shoulder.

She questioned the blast to her profit friend. He voiced out its live entertainment group for the people, not to go off to sleep. As one person falls in line, will lease the whole queue in fiasco. Resembling a white rag, table top with playing cards strewn.

Julia interrupts his conversation in a disinterested way. Said I want to go and check out who’s performing sounds like a familiar person. But I want two places blocked by you. I will be back in a twinkling. He said no yoga posture can I nurse that long for 3 people in tandem. Other than Savasana (Corpse Pose), which is lying down horizontally. Julia turned and said that you were a yoga instructor. She could see him nodding. Going horizontally he muttered, “Wonder a corpse going into the corpse posture is called what?” Then he grinned and said “Corpse Diving.”

Julia sailing in the direction of the music, reaches an open space by walking on a deck. Over the next cloud. The whole place was packed. The dead were rumbling around. Her height worked in her favor. She could not trust that she would be thunderstruck to her former flame.

Michael Jackson

Cloud was hitting Zombie Dance. The savages were growing wilder. Julia figured out the best way to navigate. She cracked her back pocket. Was happy to find her all time favorite cannon.

Catapult with balls of peas.

With her cannon, she threw herself into the throng. She knew doing it the wrong way, you get the right direction. Julia with wit intended in zigzag model a left, a right. And dug a clear and straightforward path to her own. By cascading a dead body on the right and another on the left. Resembling a deadly waterfall.

Richard is committed to his conversation with Robert. All of a sudden, his gaze turned towards the tail of the line. Richard excused himself, saying, “Stay Safe.” Robert grinned,”Are you serious this is the safest spot on earth.”

Richard sprinted up to the tail of the line. Gaspingly, putting break next to a lady. Interrupted her silence by saying, “I’m sorry you seem very familiar.” The woman looked at Richard from top to bottom with a crooked face. Richard immediately defended himself. “No, don’t start me wrong, it’s not a pick up line.” With that, the woman lost her composure and slapped Richard in the face. Don’t tell me you’re a birdwatcher. Richard said amazingly, “Ma’am, I’m a divorcee about to settle with a new bird.” Don’t disgust me by calling that. You’re serious, you got to deal with that, too, at 70. Richard grabbed his back pocket by giving away his business card. The woman looked at it and said, “Your name is Julia Roberts . You’re a fucking prostitute.”

Oh! Richard snatched the card. This is not mine. He groped in his back pocket and came up with another one, “You’re Richard Gere. You are the broker.” “No, I’m an entrepreneur.” She slapped him again, stating, “You first give me a hooker card, then a broker card & round up on knowing my age.” She kept going, at this age sex is not my driving force. My lovers could not have an erected tower. It leaned as the tower of Pisa. In spite of being a wonder of the World. It was no wonder for me. My dog helped me by licking & sucking my bean.

She wasn’t prepared to let Richard clear the air. And went on all businessmen are brokers. Here all businessmen are sent to Hell. Their seats are reserved in Hell by default. You attempt to be instrumental. The problem is looking at people like a bunch of instruments. Spread of an undesirable tribe of digitized tappers. Stringing, Striking & Blowing. They don’t get a life after that. Except joins some Music Band.

Richard just lost control. Even though someone in the line was listening to a full volume song. On his phone, “Ice Ice Baby… Tring, Tring, Tring… Ice Ice Baby.” That too failed as an ice pack for Richard. You are stepping on my toes. Monica Myers, mayor of Betterton, Maryland, California. You met your end in the right style. If you hadn’t fallen, I would have shoved you in. The sewage tanker where you drowned in human waste. That’s what makes you stink and sting. The Mayor was left wide mouth.

Richard chose to stop at no one. After learning a lesson of strangers are nothing less than stranglers.

Richard realized that he longed to see Julia. On touching the spot, seeing a man lying down raiding three spots. Surprisingly, he awakened him by asking him where Julia was. The yoga instructor said “The Skyscraper.” Can you tell me who you are?. Richard spoke irritably, “It is none of your concern”. The yoga instructor ascending his volume says, “I’m sorry to inform you. Indefinitely, I hold your seat. Giving my body if cut as a bread slice vertically. I have been left with no feeling on the hind side of the body.” Yoga Instructor Rounded it by saying,”I imagine I have been hit by Numbness Paralysis.”

Richard quickly took a reversal of his tone on evaluating this person can be helpful. He said, “I’m sorry, I was concerned about her. On not seeing her where I had left her.” The yoga instructor who jumps in says with a wink, “Julia sounds like a huge PlayBoy fan.”

Richard said, “What’s that supposed to mean?” Yoga instructor retracted, saying in fact I meant zero. You appear like her Dad. Have I got you right. Richard exploded, started battling him black and blue. Yoga Instructor managed to take his breath and pronounced wait wait wait. I have a message for you or you will never be able to run into her again. The dead are lost in this place forever. Before Richard could listen to the message. A big dinosaur came in, swinging the cloud out of thin air. Richard was spanked on his bum. Then he clutched him into his mouth, seizing to a deserted cloud. On reaching that cloud, Richard saw staring into a great deal of illumination which spoke. Richard peed in his trousers.

But he felt nothing and realized that his entire body was numb. In that ironic bit, he felt like going back to that yoga instructor. Beat him black and blue until he becomes a batter for baking fresh bread.

The bright voice took control.

No fury in my land. You have no flexibility in your file. You can’t even be detained to a much lower level. Hence, it’s better we send you to berth first. Rather than having a useless racket outside.

Richard was quick to grope in his back pocket, wearing his sunglasses. Addressed,” Pardon me, that a hypocrite was lying for lying from the start. I lost my self-control. He said he sacrificed his half body for me in blocking position. Where numbness reigns in the land. The illuminated light said, “That depends on your actions. He is a social worker has a seat in heaven on second position. But he dropped the ball due to Julia, the outstretched position blocking three spots. My angel, on my instructions, went to place an ice slab under him all this time.”

Richard felt the situation was getting out of hand. He said feebly, “if you could steer me where have I sinned. Why my whole body is anesthetic. Why my fucking seat is in hell. Which is also positioned on the bottom rung.”

From the illuminated light, a flash of lightning began to strike Richard without ceasing. As if the light had taken hold of her bow and arrow. Ouch oh oww ouch oww… Richard continued to rhyme. Until he fell unconscious.

The light cheered on Colorful Disco Lights. How dare he cross that frontier. He doesn’t know that in my estate, apart from myself, nobody can use abusive language.

Fucking Asshole Haaaa Haaaaa!!!

Richard opened his eyes to a somber and depressing stage. He thought it’s because of his sunglasses. When he touched his face, he could not bear to lose them. Oh God! Give me back my Gucci sunglasses.

When he attempted to jump out of his berth. He was zapped with an electric current, which pushed him to snake dance for a few minutes. Then he was echoed to an advertisement, “Welcome To Hell”…Due to your childish behavior, you have been given solitary confinement. Till the time you grow up to be with other mates.”

In the aftermath, Richard was often seen crying by angels and talking about suicide. The angels could not predict his behavior submitted him to the Mentally Deficient category.

During that time, on the other side. On another Cloud Julia was seen dancing & rocking with Michael Jackson. They took an angel with an agreement on spatial constraint. By lodging them both on a single first-class berth in heaven.

Last Julia Robert was seen executing a slow motion dance with Michael Jackson. On a song “Love is Stronger Than Death.”

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