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Psycho Country

psychopathological and lonely


Is it true or false that this is a psychopathological country? And a lonely one as well. Is this the kind of environment we live in? A lonely, psycho country?

Nobody helps nobody. Or is it just me. I think it is a psychopathological country. But I do not know another country to go to. Maybe other people are not so lonely. They have networks. I am the lonely one. With no network.

One of the indisputable things is that we have got a lot of technology. I even do a little tech work, on the computer, you know.

But I don’t see how technology can give you hope. That is not the way I see it. I see technology as psycho. What do I know? I know you all need hope.

Everybody needs to find a little hope somewhere. The Romans had aqueducts but we have got COLOR T. V.

I think we have to keep it real. How many people are “keepin’ it real”?

Despite living in a psychopathological environment, we’ve got tech so…

Put on your ear buds and hide.

And don’t be a spoil sport or listen to acoustic guitar music, or something!

Every modern psychopath listens to electronic music!

. . .

Everybody needs to find a little water somewhere. Primitive tribes wander in the desert, but we go to the aqueduct. We are the Romans. Superior.

. . .


This thing


This country should stop being psychopathological because why not become socialist? You could be socialist, right? But that would require a kind of intentional cooperation and that is a capacity we lack. Or may be we have capacity but note ability. Even though we have the capacity to cooperate, we do not, which is because we do not possess the ability. Well, Edmund Wilson then. He tried. He was a top… Edmund Wilson did all he could. Wilson was a top literary critic —this is the 1920s. I am talking about the 20s now. At that time, there were very primitive cars, and there was hope for socialism. There was more than one socialist writer. There were several, I mean. What about Jack London? Call of the Wild? That was good. They truly do not write them like that anymore. Those were the days.

So put yer earbuds in.

Retreat. Nothing to see out there, anyway.



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