maybe (or maybe not) humorous but i AM trying

reasons i share stuff on social media that are either a) better left unsaid, or b) told to a therapist who gets paid to listen

Lara Starsearch
The Haven
2 min readJun 2, 2024


1) when people talk about deeper stuff on social media, i pay more attention because i get tired of convos that are only about lighter stuff like crow mating rituals and what word i should start with when playing wordle (although I am open to suggestions that will help me win faster btw #ftw).

2) i like destigmatizing things like therapy bc it doesn’t deserve such a bad rap. here, i’ll try a GOOD rap: “therapy yeah, therapy yeah yeah yeah, it’s about dope stuff and it makes your brain sing yeah.” ok, that kinda sucked but at least i tried.

3) therapy is more than someone just listening to you drone on and on until the bald eagles come home. it also involves comfy couches and pretty deer nibbling on grass outside the window of a shed where your therapist holds their sessions. (just kidding — my therapist never made me sit in a shed. i’m just joking to be less serious bc when you’re too serious then your brain work less efficiently. i’m serious!! i mean i’m NOT-serious but i know what i’m talking about. look it up.)

4) oh and cool new bathrooms to explore before or after your session. hell, why not before AND after. it never hurts to freshen up.

5) i’m ending on 4 because 4 is my lucky number. this line doesn’t matter.