When you’re alone in an elevator.

REPORT: Startup Unveils Single-Passenger Elevators, Big Win for Introverts

In an effort to provide a more inclusive workplace environment, meal-delivery startup, Fleat*, unveiled single-passenger elevators at their Chicago office this morning. The move comes on the heels of a behavioral study by the University of California, Berkeley, revealing an increasing trend of employees avoid elevators because of small talk with coworkers.

“It’s imperative that people feel comfortable in all aspects of the workplace,” said Bryan Diptyk, Fleat Chief Vision Officer. “The Berkeley study confirmed how we felt about standing in an occupied elevator— it’s uncomfortable. We’re already disrupting meal delivery, why stop there?”

The unveiling is significant to introverted employees, who take the next elevator for just seconds of alone time. With new single-passenger options, they won’t have to wait, or come prepared with talking points.

“I’m an extroverted introvert,” said Sarah Phuster, Fleat Executive Assistant. “I’m outgoing in the office because I have to be, but when I get on an elevator, I just want to scroll through Facebook and Instagram until I feel something — not talk about my weekend or the weather.”

At press time, Fleat’s website reportedly crashed after live-streaming the first solo ride because of overwhelming traffic to the careers page.

*Fleat is a fictional company, this is satire.

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