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Short Man Dating Tall Woman Dies In Climbing Accident

Paul Belchen plunged to his death from seven feet off the ground

Allan Ishac
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2 min readSep 19, 2023


When short men date tall woman there are lethal dangers, like falling to your death.
A real estate broker from Cincinnati, OH traigcally fell while climbing a step stool to kiss his much taller girlfriend. (Photo Credit: GEPUBLICEERD OP via

Real estate broker Paul Belchen suffered a fatal spill when he tumbled from the top step of a wooden stool, dropped more than seven feet, and cracked his head on a concrete floor.

Belchen was standing on his tiptoes to gently kiss the top of his girlfriend Alexis Marcarian’s head when she pulled back suddenly leaving him off balance and swiping at the air to grasp onto something.

The step stool that lead to a deadly fall from seven feet off the ground.
The step stool that tragically resulted in a short man’s demise. (Photo Credit: Tankr via

Before Marcarian could catch him, Belchen hit the polished concrete floor in their warehouse loft apartment in Cincinnati, broke his neck, and died in the ambulance en route to the hospital.

“I’m devastated,” said a weeping Marcarian, “I knew there would be awkward selfies, no eye contact, and that Paul would never carry me over the threshold, but I couldn’t imagine he’d fall to his death while we were hugging and making out. I’ll never forget the look of fear and desperation on his face as he hurtled passed my chin, tried to grab onto my boobs, accelerated as he shot past my waist, and screamed going by my knees. It was horrible!”

Marcarian said that she felt traumatized by the freak accident and would probably never date a smaller guy again. “They’re so cute and sweet, but the bottom line is that tiny men just aren’t physically able to handle the height differential.”

The funeral will be held at the Crossroads Church on Madison Road. Ms. Marcarian will be the sole pall bearer.


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