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Letter sent on May 5, 2017

Thanks from The Haven and a Technical Change to Submissions

Dear Haven Readers and Writers,

Thank you so much for your support since I started this project. I’ve been amazed by the quality of the humor pieces you have generously allowed me to publish, and I’ve received awesome feedback from readers who have discovered The Haven.

Speaking of publishing, I’ve come across a Medium glitch that has led me to change the procedure for submissions to The Haven. If you want to submit a piece for publication on The Haven, please do not submit it in draft form. Go ahead and publish it, then submit it to The Haven either through Medium or by sending me a link to the published piece at thehavencomedy@gmail.com. If you are given an option at the time of publication to permit publications to contact you, please make sure you accept that option.

I’ve had to make this change because I have discovered that Medium makes it virtually impossible to publish drafts using a mobile device. I frequently do not have ready access to a desktop, so the only way that I can ensure prompt publication of articles submitted to The Haven is to make this change.

Thanks again for all the support. Please spread the word about The Haven and keep submitting!