The Best (Worst) Heavy Metal Song Titles

Metal music has some ridiculous song names. Here are some of the best.

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Metal music is known for its aggressive style, loud guitars, and sometimes satanic themes.

The terminology Heavy Metal used the title because it’s probably more understandable than just ‘Metal” to the general population.

But Metal music has many genres.

Metal genres range from cheesy 80’s hair metal like Motley Crue or Poison to really fast-paced Thrash or Speed metal like 1980’s Metallica, and from more groove orientated power metal like Pantera to Nu Metal like Linkin Park.

The ability to play your instrument technically, very well and fast is often important. This leads to some awesomely stupid song names.

Here are some good ones.

Fast as a Shark

From German heavy metal band Accept’s 1982 album Restless and Wild. Accept is one of the bands to influence the sound later coined as thrash metal — a metal style that Metallica brought to the mainstream.

Because they play faster than anyone else, Fast as a Shark is a great song name.

Sharks are both fast and metal.

Coming from behind
Now it’s your time
A loser will die

Fast as a shark he’ll cut out of the dark
He’s a killer — he’ll rip out your heart

A loser will die? That’s rough.


From the American Nu-Metal band Soulfly’s second album, 2001's Primitive. Soulfly’s frontman Max Cavalera was previously fronted Sepultura, who also make this list.

Slipknot also appears on this list, and their frontman Corey Taylor also appears on this track.

A lot of angriness, featuring the following line:

And if you’re gonna quit
I don’t give a shit
What the fuck, I’m a Mack truck
Are you…



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