The Desserts Were Better Than The Main Course

Dr. E.R. Báez
The Haven
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2 min readMay 27, 2024


It was even more nutritious…

Photo by author Dr. E.R. Báez

Most people take pictures of their food when on vacation!

Of course, we are not the exception!!!

But our pictures were of a more sugary substance; they were of desserts!

Photo of Mrs. Báez by author

Yes, you guessed it; my wife is a sweet treat to me!

Hence the picture!

I could not help but remember when we used to take pictures of food and NEVER desserts!


These desserts on this vacation were delicious. See for yourself:

Photo by Dr. Báez, coconut dessert

And because of all these deserts, my wife wrote a piece I now share with you!!



Dr. E.R. Báez
The Haven

Attorney E.R. Báez, MDiv, JD, Ph.D., is a published author who loves to inspire others! Dr. Báez helps former criminals become productive citizens of society.