Things That Made Me Ugly Cry This Week

Barack Obama

Malia Obama

The Rest of the Obamas

Joe Biden

The Bush Twins

Having a Bad Dream in Which I Was Super Angry at a Good Friend and Two of the Kansas City Chiefs



Which Flooded a Room in My House

The Pain Caused by Smacking My Own Head During Trump’s Press Conference

Planning a Trip to Portland for My Daughter

Who Will Soon Be Leaving Home to Start College

The Morons Who Don’t Understand That Obamacare and the ACA Are the Same Thing

The 10 Year Old Chinese Adoptee Twins Who Were Reunited on Good Morning America

The Increasing Likelihood that I Will Have No Health Insurance Because I Am a Self-Employed Breast Cancer Survivor (See Morons, Above)

Stories about Faithful Dogs

My Dog’s Ingratitude

Jeff Sessions

Seeing Other People Cry

My Therapist

Who Told Me I Should Let Myself Cry More

Mission Accomplished

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