Top Ten proven anti-aging techniques

I turned 40 this year and I feel it is my responsibility to pass along some wisdom to those younger than me. Enjoy and good luck!

1.) Go back to College (Undergrad) in your mid-forties and when people ask your age say “ I lived in a Europe for a year before starting college, I had to see what was out there” pointing up at the sky while saying “Out there”.

2.) Stop paying your rent on time for a few months then stop paying it altogether.

3.) Get a haircut or hair extensions.

4.) Mispronounce the names of countries and foods, constantly.

5.) Look down at your shoes when someone asks you a question you don’t want to answer.

6.) Start crying when someone sits in a chair that you wanted to sit in.

7.) Use the phrase “My guy Friend” when referring to a male friend that you have.

8.) Pee your pants.

9.) When you’re done eating ‘accidentally’ spit up some of the food you just ate.

10.) Grab onto other women’s hair and jewelry when they’re at arms length, then put said hair and jewelry in your mouth.