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On the lopsidedness Cat & Gymnasts I have never been in a position to dissect other than their power nap function. Where cats can end up sleeping 22 hours in a daytime & Gymnasts can end up practicing the same hours. Rest their performance the same, they can both end up feasting on a rat and Their training sessions are classified on treadmill.

Between all this in 1893, the Chicago World Expo was held. George Washington Gale Ferris shed light on his innovation. The Ferris Wheel like a new striking wonder. Now George wanted to play it right by turning it into a powerful and intelligent discovery. The two names that stood for Mighty and Intelligent were Hitler and Einstein. George drafted a personal invitation to both. He was well aware that first impression is the last stamp. As faltering will put him easily on their hate list. But at this pivotal time he could not yield to be unnecessarily conspired to discovery channel land. Where it would be broadcast live on Survival of the fittest as a lion hunt.

His first thought was to write a letter to Hitler.

Distinguished Hitler,

<<Think a thousand times before making a decision More — After making a decision, never come back even if you get a thousand difficulties.>>

Your words were an inspiration to me. Believe me, I actually reflected on an infinite number of times before I wrote to you. Which means marveling on each star through a telescope should I or should I not. Extracting my armpit bristles on should I or should I not. Hiring red ants to crawl through giving love bites to count, should I or should I not.

I have introduced an amusement ride which should quell you. Its a big wheel, but not as large as your daunting personality. It has 36 bins attached to the rim which rotates like a clock. The sky suspends you in dialogue with birds, plucking fruits & enrolls you for a free eyesight test. Shooting towards the ground, it makes you feel your life’s end moments, some may end up wishing their last wish. That’s when a miraculous upturn makes you conceive as that devil had dialed a wrong act & left for someone else.

Where the fear factor that you induce no one can take your spell away. I have found out the mosquitoes got puzzled when a group of them attacked you. After their vampire attack, they died, saying his blood was poisonous. I’m a big fan of you, but smaller to the size of the fan on your ceiling. My competition with you or your things can never be matched. You are a limited version. Your footwear, tongue and penis size is immeasurable.

I wanted your auspicious presence to mark my day forever in my calendar as a Slave Driver. I visualize this as the beginning of our friendship as this Ferris wheel with a slight modification. It can be drilled as a moving target board with people tied to the bin for your entertainment.

“The only preventative measure one can take is to live irregularly.” Quoting you while signing off I have started holding out my life irregularly to take preventative measures nothing personal. Sometimes I nourish myself with dog food, sometimes cow dung & one day I ended up by biting myself. That put me at risk of rabies. Don’t worry your safety is guaranteed I have popped up wearing a helmet 24*7 that keeps me from biting others.

Your backup & backpack,

George Washington Gale Ferris.

His second letter with no reflection was to Einstein.

Cerebral Einstein,

“Fear or Stupidity has always been the basis of most human actions.” Quoting you, Sir, but I think for me its both I had no alternative left. Fear of you considering me as a retard demanding from your busy schedule to testify what you have trail blazed. Where you revolutionized our comprehension of space, time, gravity and the universe. On your background setting I have constructed a giant gamble roulette wheel.

Using up your formula at stake with gravity spinning the wheel clockwise or counterclockwise. By making guinea pigs pay by saying Einstein Show is on the line and makes them gamble by sitting on the wheel of luck. If it tarnishes your name, I apologize, but I need your trademark. Like it took a solar eclipse to make you famous. In my opinion, Einstein Eclipse is going to work. I know you enjoy playing the violin to cool off. I have built the bins cradle to violin music. Your attendance can dissect if the bins are playing it correctly.

You are fond of eating, with your habits in mind, I attached a carrot to each bin. This will control the volume of cries of people while enjoying your show. You’re constantly under the radar of the FBI, I don’t want to mention much about the atom bomb you’re creating. But falling out your steps I have kept stones in each bin advertising toss it when in the air. It’s a little demonstration of the atomic bomb you’re working on. I know this whole thing is about you. But the Ferris wheel goes by my name. Quoting Shakespeare; What’s in a name? Especially for the ones who have already made their fame.

Honor your presence on the scene, let me distinguish this day for me as Fools Day. Signing off with your quote; A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy? I entirely agree with you, even I have started living on a shoestring budget as all my investment has gone in Ferris Wheel. I have started living in a tree on a makeshift basis with a chick on his nest to sing me a lullaby & preying on insects who disturbs him makes up for my food.

Your intruder on the loose,

George Washington Gale Ferris.

The propitious day came, it saw the dawn of the World Expo with the presence of powerful figures Hitler & Einstein. But in all this George Washington Gale Ferris fell missing. Days after the Expo it was heard a day before his grand day he was straining to learn gymnast from his cat doing that he fell in quick sand. From which he could not draw it out quickly where the cat took the limelight by surviving through.



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