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Trump Blames Biden, China, Antifa, Cancel Culture and Green Deal for Ship Wedged into Suez Canal

Tells Fox News that this is what you get with a rigged election

Dublin Independent

In an interview on Newsmax TV, Trump stated that if the election were not stolen from him and he was rightfully reelected, the Suez Canal would never have been blocked.

Noting that he has always bent over backwards to avoid assigning blame, the former President declared:

“This is too much for even me to hold my tongue. This monumental clusterfuck should never have happened.

Everything on that boat came from China and was headed for the U.S. They stole our jobs with their cheap labor. My tariffs would have shut down their factories and they would have had nothing to put in the containers. It was full of plastic Easter toys that we used to make in West Virginia with good paying jobs. But Sleepy Joe lifted my beautiful tariffs. The Chinese dockworkers were all so sick with the virus that they overloaded the boat. It had so many containers piled on top of each other that it was like a top heavy cheap sailboat. What a mess Biden made. I predicted this wedging would happen.”

Trump also announced that he had “proof positive” that Antifa, working with “higher-ups” in the Black Lives Matter organization, supported by Chinese stolen technology, had hacked into and jammed the ship’s radar and GPS. He noted that this “caused the captain to think that the canal had a sharp left turn, like a dog-leg golf hole, that needed to be compensated with a hard right rudder.”

Trump pointedly blamed Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, “that pesky kid” Greta Thunberg and John Kerry for their “bogus Green Deal” which forced the Suez Canal management to allow “Chinese Tinker Toys” to be shipped through the canal. Trump stated that if “AOC has her way, oil and coal will be outlawed” and the “Suez people will have no choice but to let overloaded garbage scows ram their way through the canal if they wanted to keep open.”

Trump also pointed to some “strange goings-on” that he alleged are connected to AOC and possible even Hillary Clinton:

“That cargo ship was owned by Taiwan-based Evergreen Marine Corp. “Evergreen” sounds suspiciously like “Greenpeace” which everyone knows is a clandestine oil hating sabotage terrorist group funded by George Soros, friend of the Clinton’s, and AOC’s political action committee. If the hacking of the electronics on the ship had failed to cause the wedging, Greenpeace was ready with a team of SCUBA divers to plant explosives and blow a hole in the hull bigger than Hunter Biden’s secret bank account.”

Trump also pointed to the “Marxist Progressive cancel culture” which he said was used to:

“Keep me off Twitter and Facebook so I couldn’t warn people that the forces who want to let Mexican immigrants and Muslims take over our beautiful country have been planning this canal wedging for a long time.”



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