Trump supporters knew of FBI Director’s fate way before the Press ever did.

These two secret agents wait with baited breathe wondering if they still have the authority to bust aliens that are being dicks. Or it’s now in the hands of ICE. [Image Source:]

Months before FBI Director James Comey learnt about his employment status on the tube, something strange was unraveling. The mysterious level of this transpiring cannot and should not be categorized by anyone with any reasoning capabilities, as earthly. One might feel very much obliged to categorize the happening as..extraterrestrial; And one would very much be on point.

It’s been said that the President was increasingly getting agitated about the FBI “looking into his situation”. And possibly wanting to “lock him up”. There was even talk of a special prosecutor to handle the sensitive matters that are potentially buffoonery at best and treason at worst.

Right before NOT going to bed (at 3 a.m.) about 2 months ago, Tiger Woo..uhh..Trump, made a bold decision, after consulting himself, to fire the disgraced former boss of rich and famous agents Scully and Mulder.

What the world doesn’t know, is that a telepathic liaison transpired between Trump and his supporters with the latter unanimously agreeing to get behind the decision. This phenomenon of not questioning your horse’s ass in the race no matter what he decides, has left millions on the left baffled, perplexed, despondent and suicidal. So much is happening at such a fast rate, that their brains can’t simultaneously process it and handle day to day responsibilities to ensure a smooth flow of life. They have no idea why people they’ve known all their lives choose to defer ANY move the Donald makes to him without first letting it sink in and contemplating on it. Some PETA members have called me and insisted I call this “chewing the cud”.

As a Trump supporter coworker and political off season friend broke it down for me, it’s really a matter of semantics. Whenever Trump farts odorous, purulent bologna fumes from his mouth, he’s not to be taken seriously. He’s very proverbial and we should all start analyzing his utterances and doings just like we would say…a threatening letter from the Greek Philosopher, Socrates. He also afforded me a look into why the past 8 years have all been a master plan to topple the US and empower Jews through the media and banking industries. This went on undetected by the left as they were too busy working for taxes to support blacks, Mexicans and Muslim terrorist freeloaders. The latter have also been sighted Greyhounding from one electoral polling station to another in a concerted effort to stifle patriotism.

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