Twitter Introduces New Service For Longer Hate Speech

The new logo for Twitter’s latest platform, Screeder

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Internet messaging company Twitter announced today that it would be releasing its new service Screeder early next month, in an experiment to test the demand for messages over 140 characters containing the worlds “Jew Cuck” and “Cunt Bitch”.

“We’ve seen usage go way up since this time last year,” said Twitter CTO Peter Spergel. “It’s beyond our wildest fantasies. Now we feel is the right time to open up the medium so lonely men and Russian bots can scream hatred in even longer rants than they did before.”

Already there is a wait list of people lining up to grab the internet real estate available on this new platform. Stephen Fry, an actor, comedian, and frequent Twitter user has already laid claim to his handle, and President Donald J. Trump has ceded his Screeder handle to the Russian bots tasked with his reelection bid.

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