Vanity License Plates You Could Surprise Your Child With

He knows the benefits of a vanity license plate.

Congratulations, your child is a licensed driver! That probably scares the absolute turkey stuffing out of you and that is okay. You have figured out a way to ease the pain of any possible fender benders or road rage your child may encounter. Gift your child with a vanity license plate! Vanity plates are dating profiles on wheels. They give a brief summary of who you are. Show your child how much you love and pay attention to them with a vanity plate that will surely make other drivers jealous! Here are just a few you could use:

MXDSNL (short for Mixed Signals): Lets face it, your kid has no idea what the hell they want to do. And that is okay. Just like a Leonardo Dicaprio film, they are still developing. They also aren’t sure which way to turn so expect them to turn both left and right while merging. Other drivers will understand once they read their license plate.

@POTUS: Fool fellow drivers into thinking your child is the President of the United States of America! We could fix the mess we are in. But screw that. Lets add to it! Keep golf clubs in the trunk along with documents you do not feel like turning over.

BSSBCH (short for Boss Bitch): Who cares that you pay the bills. Your child is the real boss of the house. What they say goes. If they want to stay up and write Jimmy Fallon fan fiction they will. Drivers on the road will follow suit. Be prepared for flashing headlights slow poke.

THWHSS (short for Thats What She Said): Your child still think this is funny. You don’t get it. But whatever. Understanding the youth is hard.

DIL911 (short for Dial 911): It is important to always be alert. Make sure other drivers know who to call when an accident occurs.

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