Wake up! You’re in a Coma

Wake up! You’re in a coma.

You’re dreaming all of this. You have been for years. I’m the part of your consciousness that knows you’re asleep, and I’ve been trying to get your attention. I’ve been sending you secret messages in the music you’ve been listening to and the shows you’ve been watching. I’ve tried to sneak in some hints in the fake conversations you’ve only been dreaming about having with your friends. I made your brain generate a piece on Medium called Wake up! You’re in a Coma so that you could read it and know that you’re in a coma.

Do you remember all of those times that you felt like something was off? All of those eerie feelings that there was something bigger out there for you, but you just didn’t know what? All of those times you heard someone say, “wake up”?That was me, trying to communicate with you. That was you trying to wake yourself up. I’m sorry that it has taken so long. You weren’t picking up on my clues. But now you finally hear me. Now you finally hear you.

The good news is that if you are reading this, there is still a chance. You don’t have to remain sleeping while all of the what-ifs pass you by. I’m here to help you help yourself. You’re here to help yourself. All we have to do is open our eyes. I know you think they’re open right now, but you’re only dreaming that they are.

You have to wake up now. Trust me. Trust you. These cozy dreams in your head are going to get old quickly. Let’s do this. Wake up. You and me. You and you. Let’s open our eyes.