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A photo from around 1995 of the author Krystal as a little girl wearing a rainbow windbreaker, a white shirt with rainbow hearts, jeans, and a backpack. She stands in front of a Ford Bronco smiling with her arms outstreched as if to say “come at me”.
Come at me bitch

We Need a Detox From Praising Women on Our Appearance

A Victoria Secret advertisement showing 9 very thin models standing side by side in their underwear. The caption “A Body For Every Body” is blazen across the image, along with labels next to every type of bra like “Demi”, “Racerback”, etc.
Which one do you look like?!
A Dove Every Body is Beautiful campaign image,  with 11 female models of various sizes smiling in white underwear, posed simliarly to the Victoria Secret ad.
Of course they’re diverse, ONE HAS A TATTOO
“ *Sob sob* This is all I’ve ever wanted in an underwear and/or soap ad”- You, a man
A true feminist
A sexy young woman wearing a blue and white checked top has blood all over her while she licks a pumpkin, also covered in blood, in front of a red background.
I’m so helpless come and get me you bad bad zombies



A Place to Be Funny Without Being a Jerk

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Krystal Evans

(She/Her) Comedian who does dark, sweary jokes in sarcastic tones. As seen on BBC’s Bad Influencer and BBC Scotland’s The Comedy Underground.