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Upside Down World News

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Background Music

On stage, the giant drum — an eight-foot-wide monster — was attacked by the drummer with an overwhelming beat.

The coldness vanished, leaving him suspended in the hall, barely conscious of the seats, the orchestra, the walls, the ceiling. In his right palm was a beaded sphere. He locked his hand to cover it up.

Camouflage. Everything camouflaged to mislead, misdirect. The Concerto of Infinite Numbers was in itself an Articulation of Eccentricity. The similarities seemed merely coincidental. I tucked my FuzzyBuzzy Frog deeper in the pocket, who was enjoying music Croak, Croak, Croak.

As in recent times, oddity embroiled unpredictably with the concrete earthly reality and the inner silence of the mind. There appeared to be an increase in the intensity of some anticipated triumph, thoughtful, loving and welcoming, although not to endorse. Quiet reflection.

The tempo transforms itself into a new dance, a new hope, recovery.

Winning; a challenge cup, wiser by killing the mosquitoes on the point.

Hello Folks, I’m your host; love me or hate me, Diya Saini.

United States

Heatwaves make bonfires at his leisure.

Wildfires are raging in the western United States as the region experiences a heatwave that has brought record temperatures to many areas. Firefighters battling the many wildfires in the neighborhood say the air is so dry that much of the water dropped by aircraft to quell the flames evaporates before it reaches the ground. The residual of the folks of America is left paranoid, making the sales of fridges hit a new record. The beds went upright, saluting the refrigerator that has become the cool new household icon being the new bed in paradise.

Photo by Alexandru Acea on Unsplash


Prohibition on Oversweating.

South Korea is facing a new virus epidemic, with 1,100 new cases recorded.
Prime Minister Kim Bookyum warned that the country had reached the — maximum crisis level.

In South Korea’s capital, Seoul, Gyms have been told not to play complex rock music to limit the spread of COVID-19. Treadmills must not be over 6 km/h (3.7 mph). Those attending exercise classes such as Zumba, Spin and Aerobics will have to handle the 120bpm if; going beyond that will be made to execute the activity with 105 kilos weight dumbbells. I believe Prime Minister Kim Bookworm forgot to add sex thrust pumping speed to the list.

Either shut down the Gyms or Keep them open, which Prime Minister could have adjudicated on a flip of a coin by head or tails. This new challenge is to be dealt with gym-goers where Kim Bookworm, the Prime Minister, seems to have fixed his daily exercise drill on the nation.

Photo by Danielle Cerullo on Unsplash


TikTok Condoms

A Spanish social media influencer and singer with 26 million followers on TikTok has caused an outcry after saying he avoids using a condom by telling sexual partners he is infertile. Many angry women and girls condemned 19-year-old Naim Darrechi on Twitter and in Spain’s mainstream media.

What did I interpret about this scholar guy on his Positivism & Negativism Mainframe? Positivity is ready to accept its infertility as males are not bold enough to be open and take their faults as considering themselves flawless. Negativity is 110% he’s lying to get more pleasure; I make sure my lovers wear condoms on their fingers too.

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Latin America

Food and Medicines get free wings when they travel.

Cuba has temporarily lifted import duties on food, medicines and other essentials following recent unrest. Starting next Monday, there will be no restrictions on these goods brought by travelers until the end of the year. Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz announced the change after his neck by the protestors were driven on a sharp saw with his hand-tied to balance on a shaking log. The demonstrators blamed the United States and its economic sanctions for the protests and broader issues of Cuba. While trying to execute the torture on Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, the protesters kept uproarious,” we wanted to do this with President Biden, solely during comparable moments he goes Invisible in America under a shaft.”

Photo by Neha Deshmukh on Unsplash


Cook oil is a versatile weapon.

The demonstrations that started in the provinces of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng after the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma last week have turned into riots. Traders in a South African town hit by ongoing riots foiled the looters by pouring cooking oil on the floor in front of their store entrance. Cooking oil has always been a covert weapon for both sides of the Criminal and Defender. The Defender runs through a water hose to spread oil over unopposed floors. The Criminal uses it generously over their body, so they run away, slipping out of all hands at the time of capturing.

Photo by Roberta Sorge on Unsplash

Middle East

Iran takes the country through a leapfrog faith.

Iran has unveiled a dating app to facilitate sustainable marriages in the Islamic Republic, where the divorce rate is rising and the birth rate is on the decline. It claims to utilize artificial intelligence to find matches “only for bachelors seeking permanent marriage” and just one wife. The rogues trying to create a fool on this will be made dysfunctional for any sex life.

According to Hamdan’s website, users will need to check their identity and undergo a psychological test before they start looking for a partner. Individuals who fail the psych exam will get admitted to a monthly kindergarten session.

Something promoted through the mouth of the horse always wins the game compared to these free apps with a low authenticity.

This week’s Trophy country is Iran.

Photo by Vitaliy Lyubezhanin on Unsplash

Many countries have eliminated face masks, and I’m sure you already have a full cabinet of face masks.

What do you intend to do with it?

Do not dare to throw them.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle.

Utilize them as your eye mask to play hide-seek, tie couple of them as a waist belt & last not the least use them as your disposable underwear.

Last week’s summary where you can still swaddle into a gauze.



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