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We’re All Being Cleverly Manipulated By Evil Dogs.

Wiener dogs of course.

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I’m not sure when it all started, but we may be powerless to stop it. These clever puppet masters have been diligent at controlling our every thought, action, and emotion. Were these heinous creatures responsible for the fall of Rome? The kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby? The JFK assassination? All the major world wars? New Coke? 24 hour infomercial channels? The TV show Cop Rock? Hollywood reboots? Old Navy commercials? I would say that the probability is quite high.

Wiener dogs being proficient in several forms of mind control have had us under their rein of evil without our knowledge, with their single goal of the total destruction of all mankind.

Our your thoughts your own? Are your children really yours? Does peanut butter and jelly really go together? Do you really like that hip-hop bullshit? Does that shirt really go with those pants? Is all of this simply another sick wiener dog rouse? IS ANYTHING REAL? The pure evilness knows no bounds!

What do you do if you encounter a wiener dog. The first thing you do is to try your best to block out your thoughts so that they won’t be used against you. Scream, shout, or blast loud music inside your head so as to block their mind probes. Next you must try to control your emotions. You don’t want them to know that you’re on to them. You need to act as nonchalant as possible. Do not show any fear. Do not look them in the eye as they will see this as a challenge. A wiener dog that is slightly peeved can bore like a high speed drill through a full grown bull elephant in less than 30 seconds. A great white shark a mere hors d’ oeuvre. What chance would a person have?

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How can we know what’s real and what’s purely simulation created by the wiener dogs? It’s hard to say. They are the masters of deception and mind control. Your reality maybe total fabrication concocted by them. You may not actually be reading this right now. Your dryer sheets may not be working as well as advertised!

There has to be some weakness that we can exploit to expose these conniving canines.

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They’re powers are too great for simple tinfoil hats and ointments. They have over come these obstacles years ago. A plan of action must be devised. We need to be able to see what the truth is. Is it possible that we could come up with a device for seeing the real world like the sunglasses in the 1980’s movie They Live? How do we deliver ourselves from this matrix like world the wicked wiener dogs have imprisoned us in?

Oh Shit! I hear something! I think they’ve found me! This could be




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