WH: POTUS Fell Victim to Autocorrect at Helsinki Summit

The only plausible explanation to the mess in Helsinki.

Earlier today, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders informed reporters about the true reason behind the POTUS’s incorrect remarks at Helsinki: autocorrect.

Finland hosted the summit between the United States and Russia on Monday. Prior to a public meeting with the press, President Trump had a “one-on-one” meeting with President Vladimir Putin, the details of which are currently unknown.

The summit was called out as “a serious mistake” and “ill-timed” as reports of Russian meddling and the indictment of 12 Russian hackers emerged earlier.

When asked whether he would denounce Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 elections, President Trump told reporters that, “(he could) see no reason why it would be Russia.” He also told reporters that “there was no collusion at all.”

The summit caused furore amongst Republicans and Democrats alike, with Sen. John McCain (R) calling the summit “one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory.”

Over 24 hours after the summit, President Trump sought to clean up after himself by claiming to have misspoken during the summit. Trump said that he intended to use the word “wouldn’t” instead of “would” when he said, “I see no reason why it would be Russia.”

He also urged reporters “to put that in” to “clarify” what he meant.

More details about the gaffe were revealed today by the White House press team. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters that President Trump had “fallen victim to autocorrect.”

She urged the populace and media to “understand and forgive the President’s honest mistake.”

She added that, “the President has now taken care to disable autocorrect on his iFone X Plus Plus so it will not affect his statements in the future.”

The media is still reeling from the barrage of Trump’s disorderly statements during the summit, as they examine Trump’s statements word-by-word. You can read the full transcript of the summit here.

One source (unknown) even claims that, “President Putin dictated Trump’s speech to him during the one-on-one meeting”. Although the validity of this claim cannot be verified, it presents a worrisome possibility.

Ultimately, President Trump is caught in a mess as more evidence of possible Russian interference emerges. His chaotic statements over the last few days have only added to the pandemonium that has consumed America.