What’s on the Menu for the Supreme Court’s Fourth of July Picnic?

Karen L. Sullivan
The Haven
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1 min readJun 30, 2022


Come one, come all! Join the Justices in celebrating patriotic Americans as we enter the seventeenth century!

Legally Fabulous Picnic Foods:

Cheesy Impasta — very popular, especially with the fake news media.

Kangaroo Courtlets — sauced legitimately but not liberally.

Bedeviled Eggs — good for a woman’s constitution.

Regulatory Rollups —slightly fishy; they will overrule your taste buds!

Snacky Little Tarts — sweet n’ spicy, come ‘n get ‘em!

Tiny Heart Beets — a bumper crop is coming, get ready to “adopt” one!

Selected Beers courtesy of the Kavanator:

Patriarchy PilsnerUber-aged and traditional, heavily carbonated yet flat.

Pale Evangelical AleWhipped, fermented and hoppy, with a faux-sweetness.

MyPill Blonde Ale Stock up while you can, LOL.

Rhythm Method DraftNot your mother’s Plan B, baby.

Lager Room TalkAn earthy, uber-mouthy flavor boasting strongly of wood.

White Supremacy Black PorterAll you ever need in a dark beer dominated by crushed hops and a massive bite.

Malt Right BeerSavor the anger.



Karen L. Sullivan
The Haven

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